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Avast antivirus review

Avast antivirus is a big antivirus brand that’s one of the biggest brands in the consumer security market. The antivirus is quite capable of its services as it provides its users with all the essentials for Windows, Mac, and Android.  

The app offers real-time detection which phishes out threats, web filtering that blocks access to dangerous links, and there is a cloud service that analyses all file types to spot the latest malware. If all these systems fail, there is Avast behavior monitoring to detect and draw attention to any process undergoing malware like action.

Pros and Cons of the Avast antivirus


Has password manager, network scanner and a secured browser

Customizable features

Gaming mode available


Massive impact on system’s performance

Slightly strong malware protection

Privacy issues

Features of the Avast antivirus

The app’s latest version has a revamped interface that aims to improve user experience. There is a behavior shield that watches each application to detect and suspicious activity. The game mode in the previous edition becomes Do Not Disturb mode to block all ads, popups and other interruptions when in full-screen mode.

The application has no hidden restrictions or third party ads or any limits to cause you to upgrade your system.  The antivirus updates are constant to strengthen your security. The application scan time is within 30-60 seconds. There is also a virus scan dialog where one can scan specific folders or the entire system or set the application to run a scan at the next reboot.

There is a rescue disk option where a bootable version of Avast is reproduced on CD or a USB flash. There is an option to set multiple scan types and areas to scan and exclude, file types to check and more. This action can be scheduled to run every day, and there is a web filtering system that is handled by its browser extension.

There is an Avast WiFi inspector that scans the local network and drops reports on all connected devices. There is a password manager that saves all logins and logs one into a site automatically when you return to that page.

There is software updater that scans commonly used software for missing update and offers to have them downloaded and installed. There is a Do Not Disturb feature for blocking unnecessary notification from all apps on your system.


The design of the website is self-explanatory, and the opening screen gives a little more than a caption and a download button. The Avast antivirus offers users? control over the installation process as one can choose their installation option and select from a list of 13 different modules to decide what to install.

The antivirus is designed to be versatile and run with other antivirus application of your system although it would operate in passive mode offering users the options to scan and use other program features.

The application comes with its secure browser, a strong version of the chromium. It imports all relevant information and key data from your default browser and sets its secure browser as the new default.

This is a powerful antivirus that offers reliable all-around protection. Users would find this application easily compatible and usable.

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