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AVG antivirus review


As a trendy plan on the antivirus market, the AVG antivirus is software with a three-year payment plan and an option of a free program. This software would probably rank high with the top apps in its category, but security and usability issues keep killing its ratings. Here is our review of this antivirus software

AVG is an antivirus known for its security consciousness and low-cost price that makes it affordable for almost everybody. May not be the most secure of all antivirus but it does an excellent job coupled with its powerful interface that can make up for its security.

Let’s look at its features, pricing, protection, user-friendliness, and support as part of our review.  Ever since Avast acquired them, they have both shared similarities but are different in their interface and service.

Pros and cons of the AVG antivirus


Easy to use

Comes equipped with lots of features

Amazing interface

Strong lab results

To use an unlimited number of devices

There is a monthly plan package


Complex customer support system

Complicated knowledgebase

Features of AVG antivirus

AVG was developed to offer users basic protection for free and provide them with ransomware. The software also takes additional protection measures such as downloads, monitoring, and email protection. The application comes with a secure browser installed when you install the app.

This browser mimics the look of the Google Chrome with a few of its built-in extensions. The only issues with the browser are the default Yahoo search engine or the absence of Google integration.  The browsers password manager is a primary manager and not on a high level.

When you pay for this antivirus, one gets the same features as the free app, but the paid features include internet security and an option to have your Android device protected. The Ultimate plan mix internet security with TuneUp which is different from the free version.  This application offers users a secure VPN as a separate tool. Last but not least, the app is compatible with many systems


The AVG plan comes in three packages, the Antivirus free, the internet security and the Ultimate package.  The Internet security plan cost $5.83 per year while the Ultimate plan cost $8.33


The AVG has a fast installation set up which completes its installation under a minute for lightweight installation. There is an option to control what module to install, and one can tweak their installation plan. This means one can go lightweight and install basic protection or the do a muscular package installation that’s the complete package

The application has six scannings presets which is a high level of versatility compared to the most expensive of antivirus protection. They are basic scan, deep scan for hidden malware, folder scan, performance scan, boot scan, and USB scan


This application offers its support via phone or live chat alongside a knowledgebase and online forum. These are the only ways to be in contact with AVG support.

Two things set this app apart, and they are its user experience and unlimited device count. Though it is not at the top of your system protection, its overall results are outstanding and should block your system from being vulnerable to malware.

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