How to Use the PS4 Controller on a PC

If you have ever wondered if it is possible, and even more so how to connect a gamepad from PS4 to a PC, then we immediately want to tell you the good news – you can. Today we will consider two connection options – wired and wireless, via Bluetooth, and we will explain to you how to how to connect ps4 controller.

How to Make a PS4 Gamepad with a Computer

It is believed that the best gamepads are game consoles. On the one hand, the opinion is debatable. From another generation of gamers who grew up on the “horned” DualShock from PlayStation, they won’t lie that this is one of the most comfortable gamepads in history, after which you don’t want to take anything else in your hands. And if you have a Sony console, no problem, grab it and play. But if you want to connect it to a computer, then you have to tinker a little, since Windows does not natively support DualShock. What exactly needs to be done – read in our big guide.

To connect any wireless device (headphones, mouse, keyboard, etc.) to a computer via Bluetooth, it is enough to start the search function for this device – the Windows operating system does the rest automatically. But first, you need to make sure that the Bluetooth adapter is turned on.

To connect the device to a PC, it must have a wireless radio module in its design. You can determine if it is on the computer according to our instructions. The absence of the icon may mean that there is some problem with the Bluetooth radio module (for example, the driver is not installed) or that it is turned off in the system by software. The above link also provides instructions on how to enable the Bluetooth adapter in the “Device Manager” system application and how to install the driver for this device. Follow the steps described in it if there is no Bluetooth icon in the tray.

However, in some cases, the absence of a tray icon is not a malfunction. It is possible that the installed driver and/or program for working with Bluetooth simply does not display this icon in the tray.

How Do I Use the PS4 DualShock Controller on Steam?

Steam, one of the most popular digital distribution stores, has launched an update that brings support for the PS4 gamepad on PC. Now the passage of shooters, races, and other games on the PC will be available using the joystick. It can also be connected to TVs with Big Picture Steam support. In the applications themselves, all prompts for performing actions will be displayed taking into account the controller buttons.

How to set up a sync:

  1. Launch Steam on your computer, it will automatically check for updates.
  2. Wait until all updates are installed.
  3. Connect a joystick from PS4 via USB or Bluetooth.
  4. Enjoy the game.

Connecting the DUALSHOCK 4 mouthless controller via Bluetooth can be used with lower versions of the OS, or even more modern ones. Having connected the mouthless controller via Bluetooth, you can use it to control your games and add-ons.

Turning on Bluetooth in Windows 10 can also be done from the “Action Center”. Just click once on the “Bluetooth” icon (the tile with the icon should turn blue or another color, which will mean that the Bluetooth function is enabled).

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