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Scanguard antivirus review

Scanguard Antivirus is a sound anti-virus program which is simple, robust and has a wide variety of features. This program is compatible with a variety of platforms and comes pre-installed with a VPN. Though they are a relatively new product, they know how to protect your devices from malware. The Scanguard antivirus has a widely available platform that offers highly responsive customer service.

The Scanguard antivirus is a reliable product that a user can trust to deliver the desired service. The features of the software include;

A self-explanatory antivirus dashboard

A strongly coded VPN

A highly responsive customer support

Discounts for first term users,

Auto scan for malware in real time

Firewall protection and password lock

Pros and Cons of the Scanguard antivirus


The VPN is easily operative and offers maximum security to users

The antivirus has a 2-wall firewall for security and anti-malware protection

One can use one account for numerous devices

Quick and responsive customer support

The antivirus has an easy to use interface


Though the first prices are attractive, their renewal rates are quite alarming

There is no free trial version

May not be compatible with few window defenders

The software is not yet certified

No independent lab test result available

Price of Scanguard

The Scanguard antivirus is a new product in the market and has not gained much recognition and reputation in the market. The costs for their different products are attractive which a reason to give them a trial

The product offers three protection plans to match their customer’s needs namely Essential antivirus, Antivirus Pro, and ultimate antivirus. The price range for each of these plans is namely;

Essential antivirus offer user entry level protection for $24.95 every year

Antivirus Pro is the most popular of their plans and offers user protection for $39.95 yearly

The Ultimate antivirus is their premium package and provides a whole lot more features than the other plans. This plan is available for $59.95 per year.

These prices are their promotional price for new customers only. Renewal price may differ.

Scanguard reliability and security

Assessment of the software’s reliability even though the results from the testing lab are not present is made possible through available information from online.

The appearance of the antivirus indicates it uses a last generation antivirus engine which handles all viruses quite well and detects zero-day samples. The anti-phishing feature blocks all suspicious pages.

The most basic version comes with an entry level inbuilt firewall and runs its auto scan system smoothly. Asides these reviews, no negative reviews have come up concerning this antivirus.

The antivirus system comes preloaded with a pack of tools for malware protection, and according to the software developers, the product detects and eliminates spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and adware.  Its file guard feature eliminates any dangerous files it finds offering users advanced protection

There are two kinds of scan this antivirus offers, the quick scan, and the full scan. The quick scan focuses on your desktop, browser, and downloads while the full scan deeply accesses the system. Depending on the scan you choose the antivirus clears any hazard and won’t miss a thing.

To gain access to this application, it has been made easy to download and install from the company’s website after purchasing your package.

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