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Choosing a Hoodie for Your Favorite Pup

Small dog breeds and puppies are often very sensitive to cold. It stands to reason to buy or make them sweaters, hoodies, and coats. It’s not only fashion but rather means to keep them warm in cold seasons. Animals with short fur don’t have much to keep them warm, that’s why it’s essential to get warm clothes. Today, we’ll discover more about making the right choice as well as go over the complete review of the best small dog hoodie.

The Most Popular Choice on the Market

In case you’ve looked through dozens of options but noticing managed to catch your eye, you should take a look at Ellie Dog Wear. The most popular model is Charcoal Gray Adventure Zip Up Dog Hoodie. According to the reviews of numerous users, this is a perfect solution that is totally worth the money.

The advantages of this hoodie by this particular brand include the material. Cotton isn’t only pleasant to the touch but will help the animal stay warm. Unlike wool and some other materials, it’s not going to be itchy. The double-stitching design looks simple but chic. It’s machine washable which makes taking care of it very simple and easy.

Moreover, it’s very convenient and adjustable. Aside from many sizes, you may easily put it on and fix the hoodie right on your dog. Just fasten the pooch and you are all set to go. Far from all similar options are so adjustable. This is one of the reasons the brand stands out from the rest.

Extra features include a Velcro pocket for storage. It also comes with a hood. In case of very windy or rainy weather, it will cover the head and ears. While it’s not suitable for winter, the choice is perfect for chilly mornings or windy weather.

Besides, it’s a suitable piece of clothing as it doesn’t limit the pup’s movements. There is no need to sacrifice comfort for style. Speaking of comfort, there is a hole for a harness which adds convenience. This simple and convenient hoodie has everything a dog owner might need.

Great Alternatives Worth your Attention

If this model doesn’t seem appealing to you, get some other brands like Zac & Zoey. They have cute basic hoodies. You can pick from several colors and order the right size. The model even has a small kangaroo pocket which is a really nice touch.

Howstar Pet Clothes manufacture budget-friendly dog hoodies in 6 colors. It has “I Love My Mom” on the back. The model itself is rather simple and made from bright colors. Yet, it has decent quality.

EastCities Pet Clothes has excellent hoodies for small dogs. Breathable cotton and beautiful design won’t leave you disappointed. There are even suits and all sorts of other dog clothing. The size chart starts from the smallest and lets you pick the suitable option for your dog breed.


Take into account the weather conditions and the occasion to pick the most suitable hoodie. Don’t get anything too tight or too loose. You should also avoid dressing up the dog if the weather is warm or hot. Overheating the dog can also bring poor consequences. Just observe how the dog feels to decide if it needs to get something on. The signs are obvious and include shivering, cold ears and feet, rapid breathing, etc.