The Complete List of the AVG Antivirus Advantages

Nowadays, AVG belongs to Avast. However, the company has decided to preserve AVG Antivirus as a separate product without switching to Avast engines. You can still observe some changes. For instance, the interface now looks very similar. Some protection methods and infrastructure were also adjusted for better results. AVG remained an affordable antivirus solution with decent protection. Let’s learn about all the reasons for getting AVG in the AVG Antivirus review below.

The Advantages and Strong Sides of AVG Antivirus

  1. A powerful interface makes it very easy to navigate the features and scans. You’ll get a simple, convenient, and beautiful interface with 5 main modules. The modules are Computer, Web & Email, Hacker Attacks, Privacy, and Payments. Also, the main window has a Scan button. Even a beginner will quickly get used to using this software and accessing the needed features.
  2. User-friendliness is one of the strongest sides. The program is lightweight and takes only 8 MB. It takes only a minute to unpack the software and install it. If you have certain preferences, you can adjust the settings during the installation process. If not, just go with the automated settings offered by the developer.
  3. Simplicity makes it a good choice for average users and beginners. It’s also a choice of those who don’t want any complicated programs but simple antivirus protection.
  4. An abundance of features makes AVG very appealing. The free edition is also very generous and comes with ransomware & malware protection, download monitoring, email safety, etc. Even without an upgrade, you’ll also get a safe browser. While it reminds Google Chrome a lot, the utility has a password manager, ad blocker, privacy cleaner, etc. Upgraded versions have much more to offer including webcam protection, a personal firewall, file encryption tool, etc.
  5. A price tag is very affordable taking into account you can cover all the household devices with one subscription. In case you are on a tight budget, you can start by getting a free edition and spend no money at all.
  6. You can cover an unlimited number of devices with a single license. It’s very convenient if you have multiple devices.
  7. An effective support system will quickly answer all your questions or help you with an occurring issue. You can reach the experts via live chat or phone. The customer support works 24/7. Also, you can use the knowledge base to find the answers on your own. If you want premium services, you can buy premium support for about $200 per year. It’s a very pricey deal but you get a separate phone number to get help any time without any queues.

While the article is devoted to the advantages, it’s hard to close one’s eyes to the obvious drawbacks. When making a choice, keep in mind that this antivirus hasn’t scored excellent in the independent testing labs. It still fails to detect certain threats. On average, it blocks about 98% of the threats. This is a good number but missing 2% of the threats and attacks is quite a lot, too. The developers should find a way to catch these threats to get this product to the top.

Final Words

Choosing an antivirus, you should evaluate all the aspects and compare several options. This is the only way you buy the software you find useful and reliable. AVG delivers good protection and a bundle of helpful features that will protect all your devices with one account. The convincing list of advantages must make it easier to decide. However, you shouldn’t close your eyes to the disadvantages either. There are other options on the market that secure