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TotalAV antivirus review

TotalAV review

When it comes to protecting sensitive data on our devices, extreme measures have to be taken. We all have very important things on our devices from pictures to videos to documents etc. and all of this things matter a great deal to us, but they can all be affected if not destroyed by viruses which can be devastating.

An antivirus is a computer program that is designed to identify prevent and remove viruses or harmful materials from devices. When antiviruses were first made their sole purpose was to find and destroy viruses hence its name but as time went on it developed to protect the device from other harmful things like browser hackers, backdoors, spyware etc.

TotalAV review isn’t quite popular, but it offers better services that a few famous ones you may have heard about. Total AV antivirus is very simple to use after the installation is scanned through all your documents and identifies any potential threat. The most important thing for an antivirus to tackle is malware, spyware another impurity at bay and Total AV does just that.


The company is quite young about two years old, but it has already started producing amazing features like it protection attributes can match any of its rivals and although it can’t quite compete with others who have been in the business for long, it shows a promising feature.

TotalAV while scanning does a deep dive even to viruses that may have been buried deep in the pc and will find over 90% of them although it takes quite a while for it to complete the scan. It also comes with a web extension compactable with chrome and Firefox, and it is automatically activated, and it will protect you to a large majority from a malicious website.

It also has an added additional feature if you are skeptical about your identity being stolen is the companies phishing protection. It may not be as advanced as other major antivirus companies, but it protects you and guides you away from dangerous websites very often. This is excellent because phishing websites do not look dangerous on face value, but TotalAV locates such amazing sites.

It also has a remote firewall protection feature which protects you from incoming attacks. You can also adjust or modify your settings remotely allowing you to keep your pc safe and protected even when you aren’t with it. The firewall also protects you when you are downloading potentially harmful things the firewall warns you before it can develop to being a problem.

It has a Vpn feature that lets you browse the web anonymously and protects you from prying eyes. The safe browsing feature encrypts all of your browsing data and your Ip address which is a feature not common to most antiviruses which are fantastic to see it in a new antivirus company like TotalAV but more work needs to be done on its connection as it is challenging to find the right connection.

It is compactable with all devices like windows, Mac, Ios, and Android. It has a disk cleaning feature that helps cleans all junk files, duplicate files and other useless data to help free your system and boost performance.  

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